Sunday, December 23, 2007

Commissioned Painting - 'ELEUTHERA' - 48 X 20 inches - LaGasse TEXTURED Oil Painting Abstract Art

This is another textured oil painting commissioned by a collector that really loves the blues! Well, I have to say that I do love blue paintings as well. My favorite color as a kid was the 'midnight blue' crayon. I would want to do a whole picture with it, and sometimes I did. I wouldn't say that whatever it was looked good, but I did learn to like other colors!

By the way, my favorite blue oil paint today is 'Prussian Blue', which is what the 'midnight blue' crayon used to be called, before it was changed in 1958 at the request of teachers. (perhaps because of the WWII?)

So there you go, am I coming around full circle yet? Most certainly not! ha ha I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg. Happy Holidays!


Laura Antonelli said...

Those were my favorite crayola colors as well!!! Awesome work!!

AJ said...

Thank you Laura! I knew there would be someone out there who felt the same way! ;)