Friday, January 18, 2008

Abstract Art: Contemporary Textured Oil Painting - Fine Art by AJ LaGasse

OK, so I've finished another textured oil painting today. This abstract has earth hues, and ochre with some white. (Sorry, Tim, this isn't the one we were talking about- unless you like this instead- ha ha). I'm not listing it for sale yet, until it's dry, so stay tuned!

Actually, if you really like it, I could always just put it aside for you. Remember that these textured oil paintings take a very long time to dry, which is why I don't create many of them. And when there are few of anything in the world, it spells r-a-r-e, and exclusive!

'Petrified Forest' - 36x36 inches on 1+3/8 inch deep gallery wrap canvas (deep, chunky!)

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