Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Sumatra' - 36x36 inches - Textured Oil on Canvas

This is a daily painting finished yesterday. It's a commissioned oil painting in textured oils. (Thank you, Yvette, for your order!!) As I've already mentioned to Yvette, it will take 3-5 weeks for this rich, abstract oil painting to dry enough before I can ship it. But it is well worth the wait!

The crimson used here dries to a semi-gloss sheen, and because of the amount of oil, the painting's color will seem very deep and rich, unlike your standard 'flat' paintings!

Additionally, the surface of these textured oil paintings dry to a leathery-like surface, giving the painting extra durability that standard paintings simply do not have.

You can see more of these textured paintings, as well as some of my other abstract paintings for sale on my website.

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'Sumatra' - 36x36 inches - Textured Oil on Canvas


Andrew Orr said...

Great colors, AJ. I love the texture of the piece, both visually and from what I can tell in the photo, tactilely. I also love the tomatoes...great work.

AJ said...

Thank you Andrew, for taking the time from your schedule (producing those wonderful paintings of yours), and sharing your kind words!

Happy Holidays!