Thursday, November 11, 2010

'LOOK TO THE FUTURE' - Abstract Art - 24x36 inches

This is my latest painting -- a mixed media abstract, with a positive message created by my wife, Melelina! So it's more of a collaboration than just 'my' latest painting, lol!

I'm hoping to do more of these, since I believe that, as of late, the world is in need of some serious positive mojo. And I'm not talking about 'mojitos', though it sounds like a good idea...
maybe later... but ahh-humm, let's get back to the art.

This is a mixed media painting of oil and acrylic paint, and you can see more detailed close-ups of this abstract art on my website.

'LOOK TO THE FUTURE' - Abstract Art - 24x36 inches


Anonymous said...

I love it, and your right! This world needs all the positive Mojo it can get!!! But...mojitos sound delightful too lol.

Isa said...

Love it !!!!
I find your work so soothing to look at !!!