Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Winds of Brilliance" | Art by AJ LaGasse | Acrylic painting - 54x24 inches


This is a new sunset painting on 3 canvases, each one measuring 18x24 inches.

I like creating silhouette trees in this type of 3 piece sunset paintings, and I've also added a peace dove in flight to this painting. The dove's wings are back-lit as it easily navigates through the pressure of the wind!

"Winds of Brilliance" Art by AJ LaGasse Acrylic painting - 54x24 inches

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is a new abstract painting that I've just added to our art gallery. I'm fascinated with archaeology, and the artifacts that are uncovered from their buried resting places. It's no wonder that I'm drawn to creating semblances of these earthly treasures, whether man-made, or natural deposits, fossils and minerals.

This painting incorporates my signature fossil-texture in paint, with a deep red-garnet color. The background is slightly textured as well. This, coupled with a high gloss on this piece, gives it a nice depth -- something you would see when polishing a semi-transluscent stone.

This is another painting that I want to keep myself, so that's my own personal indicator of how I feel about its quality. But hey, that's just me -- you may not be into this kind of abstract painting, which is why I create different kinds! ;-)

Thanks for looking, and you will find more images of this painting on my website!


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New work close-ups

These are close-ups of new paintings that I'm working on. Several different layers are required to get the effect that I want, so right now it just looks like stuff from another planet - lol!