Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Contemporary Abstract Painting by AJ LaGasse - 'Firestorm II' - 72 x 36 inches

My latest painting is a crimson acrylic abstract on 3 panels. A bright center of interest radiates outward, with pure crimson paint toward the outside panel. This painting has a great sense of energy, so if you need a lift in the morning before heading out to the world, just take a look at this painting, and you'll get energized!

'Firestorm II' - 72 x 36 inches

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Commissioned Painting - 'ELEUTHERA' - 48 X 20 inches - LaGasse TEXTURED Oil Painting Abstract Art

This is another textured oil painting commissioned by a collector that really loves the blues! Well, I have to say that I do love blue paintings as well. My favorite color as a kid was the 'midnight blue' crayon. I would want to do a whole picture with it, and sometimes I did. I wouldn't say that whatever it was looked good, but I did learn to like other colors!

By the way, my favorite blue oil paint today is 'Prussian Blue', which is what the 'midnight blue' crayon used to be called, before it was changed in 1958 at the request of teachers. (perhaps because of the WWII?)

So there you go, am I coming around full circle yet? Most certainly not! ha ha I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg. Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Commissioned Painting - 'PARADISE FOUND'- 48 X 18 inches - LaGasse Sunset Art

Today's painting is another commissioned piece with a sunset horizon over the ocean. The darkness of night approaches from the left. Or is it, the waning sun sets on the right? You decide!

'Paradise Found' - 48 x 18 inches on gallery wrap canvas

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Commissioned Painting - 'SAMBA'- 30 x 72 inches - LaGasse Abstract Art

This is a commissioned abstract painting with flowing color and form. Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, each panel measures 24x30 inches, for an overall width of 6 feet!

Thank you for looking!

'SAMBA'- 30 x 72 inches

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Commissioned Painting - 'FOSSIL VERITAS' - 24x24 inches - LaGasse Abstract Art

This is today's painting- a 24x24 inch textured oil painting in my signature 'fossil texture'. Colors used are in the sienna and umbers: raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber and burnt umber.

I love textured paintings, and I love creating these, but don't enjoy having to wait approx. 5 weeks before I can touch the texture! (Ok- I'll admit it- it's worth the wait!) :)

'FOSSIL VERITAS' - 24x24 inches

Monday, December 17, 2007

LaGASSE Original Painting-MODERN Impressionist Art- 'FAR AND BEYOND ' - 72 X 24 inches

Today's painting is a diptych (2 piece) impressionist landscape in acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. It will be available at auction starting tonight (Monday) on eBay. Simply click on the image above to see more, and bid on this painting!

'FAR AND BEYOND ' - 72 X 24 inches

Thursday, December 13, 2007

LaGASSE Original Art-Abstract Painting 'SILENT NIGHT' 24x48" Lighthouse Seascape

I decided to paint another 5 piece panoramic painting today, this time in Black and White, with a lighthouse glowing along the shoreline.

Call me old-fashioned, but I really love the old classic black & white movies, like 'Casablanca', and truly enjoy painting in black and white as well.

This painting is available at auction starting tonight- so good luck! (Click the image to go to the auction).
Click here to see all of my auctions on eBay!

'SILENT NIGHT' 24x48 inches on gallery wrap canvas

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily Painting - 'MIDNIGHT PERSUASION'- 48 x 24 inches - LaGasse Blue Abstract Art on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Today's daily painting is a 5 piece seascape in acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. Deep blues mingle with yellow ochre flashes of light, reflecting off of the water.

Click on the image above to see more, and to bid on this auction!

'MIDNIGHT PERSUASION'- 48 x 24 inches - acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daily Painting - 'Abstract #1215' - 24x30 inches - LaGasse Abstract Art on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Today's daily painting is an abstract painting in neutral hues of sienna brown, and yellow ochre. Simple black and white drip lines finish the work, creating a sense of flow to the piece.

As you know, I love seeing movement in paintings, and I try to incorporate it in many of my own pieces. Thanks for stopping by, and take a look at our website for more art paintings: LaGasse Gallery!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Daily Painting - 'In The Winner's Circle'- 24 x 30 inches - LaGasse Oil Painting Art on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Hope you're having fun shopping! My latest painting is an impressionist oil painting of a horse, painted entirely with a palette knife. This was a lot of fun to paint, since I've been doing a lot of commissioned abstracts in acrylic lately.

I wanted to keep the background kind of abstract, so as not to take away from the horse himself. I'm hoping to do more paintings like this in oil, since it's so much fun. (As you know, I love working in different styles with different media- so stayed tuned for more!)

'IN THE WINNER'S CIRCLE' 24x30 inches oil on canvas

Friday, December 07, 2007

Daily Painting - 'CHOCOLATE SWIRL'- 36 x 24 inches - LaGasse Abstract Art on Gallery Wrap Canvas

This painting was inspired by my love of chocolate- deep, dark chocolate, with a little milk chocolate mixed in! Actually, my wife and I were making some homemade chocolate truffles, and I couldn't get enough of the tasting part!

Well, when I went into the studio to paint, I couldn't stop thinking about velvety chocolate, so this is what magically appeared! I have to say, that even after the paint dried, I really like the way this painting came out. So, let's all CELEBRATE CHOCOLATE today!

Drop me a line, and I'll email you my family recipe for an easy to make truffle!

'CHOCOLATE SWIRL'- 36 x 24 inches

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Daily Painting - 'TUSCAN GARDEN PATH'- 30x40 inches - LaGasse Abstract Impressionist Art on Gallery Wrap Canvas

OK, so I know this seems like a slight departure from my usual style, but if you look closely, you'll see that the background is done in acrylic, while the columns and trees and flower pots are in oil, with a palette knife!

I'm hoping to do more single canvas pieces, for those of you who are running out of wall space. Hopefully, you'll find a great place for it. Or do like I do- I rotate my paintings, and store the ones that don't fit on the wall! :)

'TUSCAN GARDEN PATH'- 30x40 inches

Monday, December 03, 2007

Daily Painting - 'INTRIGUING MINDS'- 36 x 48 inches - LaGasse Abstract Art on Gallery Wrap Canvas

This piece is my version of a Rorschach test (pronounced 'raw-shock') in an impressionist form! Click here to see Wikipedia's info on the Rorschach inkblots. (opens in new window).

This painting makes a great conversation piece- what will others see? To my surprise, after I finished this painting, and was creating this auction, I found out that Andy Warhol had done a series of similar paintings. Click here to see Artnet's article about Warhol's series. (opens in new window).