Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LaGASSE Original OIL Paintings- Realism Plum Tomatoes Daily Painting 6 x 8

This is my daily painting for today - 'Plum Tomatoes', oil on 6x8 inch canvas panel. I've painted this in realism style. At this small size, I don't want to get bogged down in photo-realism, and I think that painting in photo-realism leaves little room for artistic expression (IMHO). Now, some might consider this impressionistic, and that's fine as well, though I consider impressionist to show more brushstrokes than I have here.

These small oil paintings are offered for those collectors who may not have the wall space (or funds!) for my larger abstracts. If the (7 day) auction ends without a bid, the painting will be available on my website- http://www.lagassegallery.com/.

I truly enjoy painting in different styles and sizes to help hone my skills as a painter- it really keeps you on your toes! Oh, by the way, those tomatoes were sooo juicy! You know that I just had to eat them afterward. ;)


Beverley Amah said...

This is quite a jump from your abstrat work but still a very interesting little piece.

AJ said...

Thanks Beverley- I see that you go through the abstract-to-realism phases as well. Great job!

Pat said...

Those tomatoes look so juicy! Beautifully captured :)