Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daily Painting - 'BAHAMA BLUE - 24 x 36 inches - LaGasse FOSSIL Textured Oil Abstract Art

Bahama Blue - Abstract Painting

This is a daily painting that I finished today, with blues and lime-green hues. This photo shows a little more white than is actually in the painting itself, but I will correct the photo when I post this painting for sale on the website. This painting is from my signature 'Fossil Texture' series!

This is a textured oil painting that was inspired by the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. Each circle was meticulously created, and it took approximately 6 hours of painting time to blend the colors, and create this painting.

I consider the fossil texture to be the caviar of paintings, since they take so much time to create, and then even more time to dry! (Usually about 5-6 weeks, before they can be shipped. Oil paint can take up to a year [or more] to cure entirely, but may feel dry to the touch while handling carefully).

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