Thursday, September 25, 2008

'Afternoon Brilliance' - 24x48 inches - Oil on gallery wrap canvas

Autumn painting - Fall leaves and Trees
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This is a new daily painting to celebrate autumn!

I love the way the sun filters down through trees in the fall, creating a warm glow that's reflected off the leaves.

I also like the smell of the woods at this time of year- I guess it has to do with the leaves on the ground? No matter, it's a great feeling to be outdoors with each aspect of nature doing its part!

'Afternoon Brilliance' - 24x48 inches - Oil on gallery wrap canvas


Jeneen Gnilka said...

I like this one. It makes me feel like I am in the woods. I love the fall and the way the trees change color.

Barbsgarden said...

I love the colors and you should do more like this landscape. Very Very nice.

AJ said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments- much appreciated!

Barb- I'll take your advice, and do more landscapes! (in time they might look as good as yours!)

Jimmy The Air Guy said...

Those are some cool colors AJ.
I have not had alot of time to check out the cool things lately. I've been so busy in my Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement business in Pomona Ca.

SiLa said...

Like this one, but I like a lot of other that you paint and they are not a landscape... so keep on painting from the heart like you usually do :)

AJ said...

Thank you for your insight, Lidija!

Maybe I'll combine both styles - LOL! :)