Thursday, November 20, 2008

Landscape Art - Work in Progress by AJ LaGasse

This is a daily painting that I worked on today, but did not finish. (So I guess it's not a daily painting, huh?) Well, let's just say that I paint every day, even if I don't get to finish one - LOL!

Anyway, I'll be adding some more elements to this painting, and will re-post the picture when I'm done.

This is a 24x48 inch canvas, which is probably why I ran out of time to finish it. You would think that it's not that much more coverage, versus a 24x36, but it IS a big difference! Anyway, I hope that you like it so far...

Landscape Art - 24x48 - Work in Progress by AJ LaGasse


SiLa said...

I like it very much :)

AJ said...

Thank you SiLa! You made my day! :)