Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'NIRVANA'S REFLECTION' - 66x24 inches - Abstract seascape and sunset

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This is a commissioned abstract painting on 7 canvases. I especially love painting these sunsets.

I think that many people believe that this type of sunset is fake, or unreal. In fact, I've seen many sunsets with these colors! OK, maybe the crescent moon appears slightly larger than would appear in real life, but I painted it this way for added effect.

Can anyone tell me what else is unusual about the crescent moon in this painting?

'NIRVANA'S REFLECTION' - 66x24 inches - Abstract seascape and sunset


Brett said...

Is the wrong side of the moon illuminated? I feel like the side closest to the sun should be lit up. Lemme know. Either way, I really like it. Good work.

AJ said...

Hi Brett,

Yeah, you got it! For some reason, I've always liked painting the crescent moon as a 'C', but in this case, it should have been reversed =)

Thanks for stopping by, and your keen eye!

Anonymous said...

I never noticed the "error" if there even are errors in art ;) I just thought this was amazing, you have a lot of patience to be able to carry the image across many different sizes of canvas! I could only do it if they were all the same size. Your works is quite beautiful and intriguing. I am glad to come across your blog!