Thursday, January 15, 2009

'The Dance of Music' - 72x36 inches - gallery wrap canvas

Abstract Art

This is a commissioned abstract painting, for an upscale, contemporary apartment. The client is an old friend of mine that likes red and black, and wanted a type of 'jazzy feel' to the artwork.

This painting is not created exactly as the original, of course: each one has its own dynamic, according to my frame of mind while I'm creating it. High energy is needed to allow for the proper flow of paint- remember that this is 6 feet across! Also, a certain restraint is kept in mind, as it's very easy to just keep on going with the dripping!! Then, of course, you would have something closer to a Jackson Pollock painting, with the background being entirely enveloped with drips and splatters.

'The Dance of Music' - 72x36 inches - gallery wrap canvas


SiLa said...

I am a fan of yours black & red paintings :)
Tell me, this darken red, just near the upper edge, is it in the painting or a shadow?

AJ said...

Hi SiLa!

The darker red is part of the painting- I wanted to create a transition between light red, and dark red. (With the lighter area closest to the black) :)

k. Madison Moore said...

These are great colors and movement.
I am a member of the DP gallery and miss seeing your great abstracts there. Hope your doing well.
k. Madison Moore