Thursday, February 12, 2009

'Rhapsody in Blue-Green' - 60x36 inches - Acrylic on canvas

'Rhapsody in Blue-Green' - 60x36 inches - Acrylic on canvas

This is a commission request that I finished yesterday. It's a 5 piece abstract painting, where I used photos to try to get close to the color scheme requested. The idea was to use a 'green' that was close to the pillow and part of the rug, as shown in the photo below, as opposed to an emerald green (pthalo green ).

As you can see in the photo below, the green in the rug is almost a grey-green, and the pillow is a shade lighter. Further descriptions have the greens as being 'sage' and 'similar to eucalyptus, which was helpful in mixing the paint. I tried to get the green right between the pillow's color, and the rug. I think it's close- we'll only know for sure when it's hanging on the wall! And the lighting will be a factor, but the important thing to remember is that in art, the human brain easily figures out what is supposed to be going on, and doesn't need an exact match!

I was also more energetic with the drips than with the original painting (see it here) that this was based upon- I wanted to add more excitement to this one! (Always trying to do better, huh?!)

So when you are ready for your own custom-painted artwork, pick one out, and drop me a line!


SiLa said...

This one i like better then original. It have color that worked fantastic together :)

AJ said...

Thank you Sila!

Yes, I happen to agree that the blue-green here worked better than the original blue-yellow ochre...