Monday, March 30, 2009

'Indigo Flow' | Abstract Art by AJ LaGasse

Copyright AJ LaGasse

This is a textured oil painting in blues and white. I used several different palette knife patterns on this abstract painting, and tried to create a sense of movement!

'Indigo Flow' Abstract Art by AJ LaGasse


Anonymous said...

AJ - I just happened to come across your site and I am blown away by your landscapes! It is amazing how you are able to paint such perfect circles in the center for the sun/moon/planet. I am curious as to what technique you use to accomplish this look. Any insight you could share would be greatly appreciated. Once again, amazing pieces!!!

- Mike

AJ said...

Hi Mike,

Thank you for stopping by! A LOT of patience is used in creating those circles! LOL!

What I keep handy, though, are those round, spongy makeup removers for women- they help me wipe away small sections of paint on the outside of the circle, as I go around. I use a small container of water to keep rinsing the sponge out. (I prefer the kind that are almost rubber-like, not the very porous sponge)