Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Chocolate Swirl' - Abstract Painting by AJ LaGasse

This is an abstract painting in rich chocolate colors. The canvas is pretty large, 24x36 inches, and is gallery wrap, so that you don't necessarily have to frame it!

'Chocolate Swirl' - Abstract Painting by AJ LaGasse


SiLa said...


Lídia said...

I'm completly amazed with your work!!I'm not an artist I'm in College studyng Law lol,but I'm a big art fan, specially painting!
U r really talented (U must ear this everyday :D if don't, U sgould!).
Keep up the amazing work!

Queen*B Studio said...

Haha...I know a chocoholic who would love this piece :)


AJ said...

Sila- Thank you once again, for your kind words!

Lidia - I'm honored that you are a fan! Your blog indicates how insightful you are... You're going to make a great lawyer!

Dawn- You know, when I look at the picture, I get a craving for chocolate too!! (Good thing I already sold the painting! LOL)


Lídia said...

Thank You so much!
You must be a very kind person for answering to your comments.If I ever write a book,I'm sending you an autographed copy, promise!lol ;).

Once again, your work is amazing, looking forward to see more!