Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Majestic' | Abstract Art Oil Painting - 36x36 inches

This is a large abstract oil painting on gallery wrap canvas. I wanted to create a sense of atmosphere and depth in this piece, while overlaying it with a deep crimson red...

'Majestic' Abstract Art Oil Painting - 36x36 inches


Zoe Sotet Art Studio said...

This is lovely. Such rich vibrant colours.

You must go through a lot of paint :p

AJ said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!! =)

Anonymous said...

Do you really challenge yourself?
your adding to the current down fall of the public interest in art.

please stand back and ask yourself what makes your picture interesting?

AJ said...

Dear Anonymous,

Each blank canvas is a challenge. Some work out great, others do not. I do not sell (nor post for viewing) paintings that I wouldn’t hang on my own walls. If you look at my body of work, you may notice that, in fact, I do challenge myself with different styles, color, techniques, medium, etc. (Perhaps more so than the average 'still-life' artist.)

I think that every artist is always in the process of growth, so where I am right now in terms of my art may not necessarily be the best that I will produce in my lifetime. That being said, however, for you to claim that I am “adding to the current down fall (sic) of the public interest in art”, is your opinion, which you are entitled to. I was not aware that there is a waning interest in art -- perhaps you can enlighten me as to the statistics (and source) that bear this statement out?

Your last comment (“please stand back and ask yourself what makes your picture interesting?”) completely defuses any sense of authority on the matter that you may have thus far gained in a reader’s mind. If you had any real knowledge of art, you would know that not all art needs to be “interesting”. Some art is created as an expression of the artist (abstract expressionism), and other art is meant to simply evoke an emotional response from the viewer. The fact that you felt the need to comment on this piece means that my painting did its job! ;)

I did not have to wait for you to come along for me to ask myself, “gee, I wonder if this painting is interesting”, in order for me to know what exactly I wanted this painting to accomplish – I already knew.

Also, the fact that this painting is 9 square feet of crimson-red, with a 2-inch depth means that it creates a VERY strong visual impact when seen in person. To view a 4-inch, 2-dimensional representation of it on a computer screen pales in comparison, to say the least.

Simply viewing color elicits an emotional response. There’s a reason that many hospitals will not allow a painting like this one to be displayed, and it has nothing to do with looking similar to blood. It’s the rise in blood pressure associated with simply viewing it.

Your comment reminds me of the old saying, “Tis better to remain silent and be thought the fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”.