Tuesday, June 01, 2010

'Zinfandel Sunset' painting completed (for Marriott Hotel)

Zinfandel Sunset - Textured Oil Painting - Abstract

So I finally finished this painting... Whew!!! I lost track of how many hours it took, but I'm happy with the end result!

Some facts about this painting:

I weighed the box containing the paint, and it weighed 50 pounds. I estimate that the empty tubes weighed about 5 pounds, so figure that there's approximately 45 pounds of oil paint on the canvas!

I used aluminum and aspen stretcher bars, with a special cross-bar reinforcement system to keep the entire painting lightweight and unaffected by changes in humidity. Using wood alone would have added dramatically to the overall weight, since a hardwood like oak or maple is very heavy!

This painting is abstract, and since it's representative of a sunset, it's considered a representational abstract painting.

The overall size of this single canvas, gallery wrap oil painting is 22 feet wide by 5.5 feet high (120 square feet).

The oil paint will take several months to dry enough to be able to be shipped to its destination, without damaging the textured oil. (No special solvents were used to speed the drying process, since they would interfere with the natural 'curing' of the oil paint.)

Oil paint dries by oxidation of the oil itself (much like the wearing down of our bodies, and why we are now always looking for 'antioxidants' in our food), whereas acrylic paint dries by evaporation.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Now THAT is a big piece of work! Amazing job AJ, they are going to love it :)

AJ said...

Thanks Dawn! I hope they do ;)

Zoe Sotet Art Studio said...

It's beautiful!

SiLa said...

Amazing and beautiful!

Kraphti-Dez said...

I had to mark off a 22ft area just to get a better grasp on how large this single canvas is.

My hats off to you sir, for completing such a grand and beautiful piece.

ian @ investment art said...

i would love that picture in my home problem would be finding a wall for it to fit on, thanks for sharing

Ruth J Jamieson said...

Fantastic work. I really enjoyed your comprehensive description about how you created it, the size and structure and the weight of the paint. Amazing! ;D

AJ said...

Thank you all for kind comments!!