Friday, January 14, 2011

'UNEARTHED JEWEL ABSTRACTION' - Acrylic on Canvas - 36x36 inches

This is my first un-commissioned painting this year! I've been working on several commissioned pieces, and wanted to create something new, so I created this 2 piece set.

I love textured art, and I decided to create an interesting background along with some textured paint. I love the way this came out, and like so many of my paintings, I wish I could keep it, lol!

But, I must share (must I?) - yes, ;-)
It's a great feeling when someone else shares my vision, and enjoys one of my paintings as much as I do. A bit narcissistic, true, but I believe that a painter needs to love his/her own work first, before anyone else does. Hope you enjoy it as well.... AJ

'UNEARTHED JEWEL ABSTRACTION' - Acrylic on Canvas - 36x36 inches - 1.5 inches deep Gallery Wrap canvas


Kratik said...

Absolutely brilliant.
Well written :)
please also read my blog:

Cheers :)

Artlicious said...

I love looking at this painting, then looking at "Garnet Stone", then coming back to this one again. LOL. They are both so beautiful in similar ways yet give me very different emotions.