Friday, June 03, 2011

Latest Painting - going to Texas!

This is one of four panels that I recently finished as part of a commission request. This set is heading to Texas (not me, in case you were wondering from the title -- though I'd love to visit one day!), and is textured acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

I used extra heavy duty canvas and stretcher bars, so each canvas ended up being about 10 pounds -- very sturdy indeed!

These were nice muted colors, and made me want to make a set for myself. It's nice having the option of changing your art in your home around every so often. I wonder if other artists do that as well?


Queen*B Studio said...

Love love love the texture!!! Great colour scheme too! Hope all is well with you :)

Happy Painting!


Lina-Paola said...

Definitely have to agree with Queen B, I love the use of texture and 3D-ness it has. It reminds of the sea and the beach, great painting for a summery season. Keep up the good work!

AJ said...

Hey Dawn! Thank you -- I hope you're having a great summer!

And Lina, thank you for stopping by, and for your comments. I love creating these textures in my paintings, and I'm glad that you appreciate them! -AJ

Anonymous said...

Wonderful paintings. Brilliant color. Painting is my hobby.


The Creative Artista said...

This painting is absolutely amazing. I saw the red earthy one a few posts down on the site as well. How do you create this fossil effect? I would love to learn.
Please drop me some brief instructions on my blog. I would really appreciate it :)

Queen*B Studio said...

Summer is nice and hot, but work is the busiest so I can't wait till my vacation!!

AJ said...

Tell me about it! I think I need two vacations soon, lol!